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The international congress on pulmonary diseases,intensive care and tuberculosis

will be held every 2 years by  national research institute of tuberculosis and lung diseases  (NRITLD) with collaborating of ERS and ATS  in Oct 12-15,Tehran,Iran. Well known expert of the land and experts from many pulmonary societies (almost 40-50) especially from ATS and ERS invited and participated in congress.

The congress approaches in 3 lines of “Pulmonary disease” Critical are” and “Tuberculosis”.

During the congress,educational program in many aspects of lungs disease will provide participants with update information.   The courses aim to improve knowledge and skills that will be applied in the daily practice of clinicians,respiratory scientists and healthcare professionals.

The information disseminated during the course should introduce the basic concepts and established practices rather than scientific work in progress.

.More over theoretical and practical CME courses under the title of Symposium,WORK SHOP   will be held by American and European experts. Besides,in section of “Meet the expert”,an expert is on hand to stimulate discussion and the panels,answer questions and offer advice to the participants. “Clinical solving problem” Case-based sessions allow participants to understand the history,pathology,analysis and treatment of complex clinical cases in different subject areas.

 The session supervisor,along with two case presenters,will encourage and facilitate a discussion in order to examine and discuss each case.

 Symposium is another section of congress and in these 2-hour long sessions four renowned experts present state of the art reviews on all aspects of respiratory medicine,or topics of interest to respiratory professionals. Each symposium is chaired by two specialists from land and invited speakers in the presented topic.

Workshops” also included as educational program of congress,which are designed to allow participants to gain practical skills in different disciplines of respiratory medicine especially in NIV,Rehabiliation and bronchoscopy,…..

Each years between 1500-2000 participates were attend to the congress.


Program of congress

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